Rose d’Anvers octroie un prix spécial au 4ème Concours International de Musique Triomphe de l’Art.

With great pleasure I am happy to present at the 4th International Music Competition Triomphe de l’Art the special prize from Rose d’Anvers (Rose with diamonds).

It is no coincidence that the paths of Rose d’Anvers and Triomphe de l’Art crosses each other.
Many renowned composers have been inspired by the Queen of flowers, The Rose.

Think of:
-A Spotless Rose by Howells
-Roses From The South by Johann Strauss II
-Les Roses d’Ispahan from Quatre melodies by Fauré
-Heidenröslein (Little Rose of the Field) by Schubert
-The Rose, The Lily, The Dove, The Sun by Schumann

This is just a small part of the music inspired by the flowers opulence that makes the world so beautiful.
Flowers are the Muse for music and a source of inspiration for the beauty of life.

During a centuries-long sleep, the Rose d’Anvers has been transformed into the most beautiful rose in the world.
Rose d’Anvers woke up after nearly 500 years in 2014 (from 1515) with a veil of real diamonds and stood next by the hand, the castle , and the A symbol already known as one of the 4 Antwerp symbols. The Antwerp rose brings luck and happiness, but………!

Only If you are prepared to be patient and respectful with “Rose d’Anvers” and will cherish her whatever happens, this Queen of flowers will lead you to great success in your career. Sacrifices will be needed to develop the individual talent.