Charity for me is a good deed, it’s from all my heart. It makes me happy when I see the eyes of the people to whom I bring joy. This is a responsibility, which is considered traditional in the culture of many countries. I can speak about it for a long time, but one thing is clear: at all times there are people and social areas that require assistance and intervention of people willing to help, to solve different problems. Poverty (physical and spiritual), epidemics, disease, inequality, environmental threats. We can continue naming them endlessly. Unfortunately they are part of the modern world. The real charity aims to deal with these factors.
Pursuing music professionally since 4 years, I devoted it all my life. Music has become for me not only a profession but a way of life. I saw what it takes for people to live and deal with their pain, illness and problems. I have always had such vivid examples of musical figures as Daniel Barenboim, Vladimir Spivakov, Anna Netrebko, Valery Gergiev, Sir Elton John and Paul McCartney.
In spite of the social class, nationality, religion or way of life, each of us is able to do good, is able to bring joy. You should just pay attention to it, do not pass by, do not close your eyes and do not turn away from the one who asks for help or support.