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Why the logo change?

The previous logo of the association seemed outdated for the standard logotypes that are out there nowadays. Due to the fact that the association was set-up on a no-cost basis, no professional advice was sought at the time of creation.

As the Brussels Interns NGO renews the way it works and the way it helps interns, a more professional and credible logo was welcomed by the members and coordination team.

How did we come up with it?

Taking three components into account:

  • The fact that squared logos are nowadays the advised way to go, from a practical point-of-view. They fit well in promotional materials, websites, and are easier to “play with”
  • The colour ID was more or less kept, just giving it a more dynamic touch (brighter yellow and dark blue)
  • The “youth” component, associated with interns and young professionals, was kept with the handwritten elements of the logo

Whom will it benefit?

The new logo will certainly benefit our association directly, by giving it a more professional and credible look. The association collaborators working on marketing and communications are especially hoping to increase the traction on the social media profiles of the association.

Employers who request for an access to the database will also benefit from this rebranding exercise. It will play in their favour that the recruitment of their interns is dealt by a credible and strong association.

Finally, by helping us with the logo review, Interel itself will benefit from this change. B!ngo is an increasingly recognised association, having in 2015 alone been featured by news agencies like BBC World, the Washington Post, Radio France Internationale and Politico Europe.