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What: a run


Where: Parc Léopold, Brussels (Belgium)


When: 13 September 2015 (Sunday)


We all know that Europe has a youth employment crisis. We all know someone who’s affected. But did you know…?

  • Physical activity has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Unemployment is linked to increased risk of mental health problems.
  • Sport is therefore one weapon to fight the negative impact of Europe’s Youth Employment Crisis.

With the Run for Employment, we are offering a positive response to this challenge, while also raising funds to support the development of an app which will empower young people to find and create jobs. The event takes place within the European Week of Sport, organized by the European Commission.


For those not running there will be a chance to visit our HealthCity: an alternative job fair where you can network with potential employers and learn about ways to stay healthy at work or while jobseeker. With music, speeches, food and the big race itself it will be quite a day. Sun cannot be guaranteed, but excitement certainly is!


Join us in taking the next step: